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Last Update: 04/23/2015

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01/07/2015 Please see the Lagos Vistoso Newsletter at for additional information.
Select "Documents" then "Choose Category" then click on "Community Newsletter".

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Lagos Vistoso is a gated family community located southwest of Riggs and McQueen Roads in Chandler, Arizona. Many of the homes have backyards that border one of the sixteen mini-lakes in the community. There are three tot lots and several picnic ramadas.

The community management company is:

    Premier Community Management, Inc.
    3930 S Alma School Rd, Suite 10
    Chandler, AZ 85248
    Phone: 480-704-2900
    Fax: 480-704-2905
    Manager: Kari Moyer

The scheduled Lagos Vistoso Board Meetings are on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m.
Location: First Credit Union (Conference Room), 3800 South Alma School Road
Directions: West side of Alma School, north side of W Desert Gull (approx 1 block north of Ocotillo)

Board of Director Meetings :
See the newsletter in Documents section at for meeting dates.

How to contact us:
Property Manager:
Kari Moyer
Phone: 480-704-2900
HOA President:
Terry Dluzen
HOA Vice President:
Larry Varney
HOA Board Member:
Dave Dempsey
HOA Treasurer:
Henry Seager
HOA Board Member:
John Huck
HOA Board Member:
Richard Larson
HOA Board Member:
Andrea Lupo

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